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Published: 17th April 2009
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Can you acknowledge how many times in the past year you have openly told yourself, "from now on, I start working out every day so that I can get in shape, lose some weight, and look better?" Now, think of how many times you actually made this happen? I am almost sure that you have not had a serious reason for not starting to exercise, you were either lazy or tired, am I right? The truth is that laziness and tiredness are the top two opponents of fitness.

Is it a sin to be lazy?
I believe that there is not a single person in the world who would honestly say that he/she has never been lazy. Even people whose whole lives are surrounded around sports tend to get lazy sometimes. It is simply in our nature to get sluggish, and honestly it is very hard to fight this feeling. However, it is reasonable if you get lazy once in a while but it is very irresponsible if you let it become your lifestyle.

Many years ago in Christianity laziness was viewed as one of the top seven deadly sins. Although over time the nature of this concept has overcome a big change, today it is still perceived negatively. Psychology defines laziness as a mental problem, medicine as a medical condition, and biology defines it as an instinctively behavior of saving energy.The only positive effect that comes out of laziness is that we can relax by doing nothing. Relaxing is a great feeling but we do not want to make it a constant daily routine.

What causes laziness?
The major cause of laziness is the excessive consumption of carbohydrates. On one hand, if you consume a big quantity of carbohydrates at once you would start feeling lazy and sleepy. If you get used to consuming a lot of them on a daily basis this would lead to a permanent unwillingness for your body to move. On the other hand, if you do not consume enough nutritional products you would cause a delay in your metabolism which would also result in a lazy behavior.

Active athletes, who overestimate their physical abilities, suffer from laziness, caused by lack of proteins. When this is combined with overtraining they tend to get into the so called "sports depression" (frequent and painful muscle pain). That is the reason why you really have to watch what you eat. Never eat too much but never skip meals as well. Eating various nutritional products on a daily basis is the key to success.

Laziness or exhaustion?
It happens often that laziness is confused with the symptoms of exhaustion. The laziness you could experience after being sick for a couple of days, after a lot of exercising, or because of a stressful situation at work, are all classic symptom of exhaustion but not of laziness. The best cure for all the situation above is to relax until you start feeling better.

The victims of fatigue
Fatigue is a mental or a physical exhaustion. Although its main cause is the lack of sleep, sleepiness is just one of the symptoms for this condition. Other reasons are: headache, general weakness, muscle pain, difficulty concentrating, slowed reflexes, and irritability. Tired people lose track of the level of their exhaustion and do not realize that if they do not take any action their condition will get even worse.

Fitness against laziness and exhaustion
It is a widespread myth that if one wants to be healthy, get in shape and lose some weight, one has to exercise a lot. As a result of this belief people started looking at fitness as a job that would only make sense if practiced to a level of exhaustion. If you start exercising to exhaustion, what do you think will happen? You will for sure overtrain. Now, the emphasis of exercising is placed on the physical activity, rather than on its intensity. It is proven that even light exercising, if done in the correct way, can definitely get you in shape and make you look better.

Remember that regular exercising reduces stress, increases your energy level, helps you sleep better at night, and keeps your body and mind in good shape.

Now, let's get started and achieve the body shape you have been dreaming about.

My name is Gergana Ganeva and I am the owner of a website called Healthy Body Exercises. I have been involved with sports for 18 years now. A few years ago I ended my professional and college career as tennis player and since then I have been working with people who want to
lose weight the healthy way.
My main goal is to provide you with all the knowledge on how to stay healthy and lose the extra weight the healthy way.

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